Established 2009



Medisal Pharma: A Paradigm of Pharmaceutical Mastery and Comprehensive Care

Located in the thriving heart of Abu Dhabi, UAE, Medisal Pharma represents the zenith of pharmaceutical manufacturing and service provision. Our expansive 9,000 sq ft facility is more than a production hub; it is a symbol of our dedication to excellence and innovation in the healthcare industry.

Comprehensive Manufacturing Excellence

Our facility boasts advanced manufacturing capabilities, producing a wide spectrum of pharmaceutical products. We specialize in Large Volume Parenterals (LVP), Small Volume Parenterals (SVP), eye and ear drops, and IV bags, utilizing state-of-the-art technology to ensure each product’s quality, safety, and efficacy. Our commitment to diversified manufacturing allows us to meet the comprehensive needs of the healthcare industry, providing reliable, life-sustaining solutions to patients worldwide.

Rigorous Quality Control and Assurance

At the core of Medisal Pharma’s promise of excellence are our Quality Control (QC) laboratories. These facilities are the cornerstone of our rigorous quality assurance process, equipped with the latest analytical tools and manned by a team of experienced professionals. Our QC procedures encompass every production stage, from meticulous raw material testing to the stringent final product inspection, ensuring our pharmaceuticals meet the highest global standards.

Strategic Warehousing and Global Distribution

Our extensive warehouse space is meticulously designed to store a vast array of pharmaceutical products, maintaining their quality and efficacy. Integrated with our robust logistics and distribution network, our warehouse ensures the timely and efficient delivery of our products to various markets, fulfilling our commitment to improving healthcare access globally.

End-to-End Services and Operations

Medisal Pharma’s services extend beyond manufacturing to encompass critical operational activities such as batch release and secondary packaging. These processes are executed with the utmost precision and adherence to regulatory standards, ensuring each product’s integrity and safety. Our batch release protocols involve comprehensive checks, while our secondary packaging is designed to provide secure, tamper-evident solutions, enhancing product safety and patient trust.

Innovative Research and Development

Our dedication to innovation is underpinned by our advanced research and development (R&D) wing, where we continually explore new formulations and improve existing ones. This focus on R&D not only enriches our product portfolio but also ensures that we remain at the forefront of pharmaceutical advancements, addressing emerging health challenges with cutting-edge solutions.

A Legacy of Healthcare Enhancement

Medisal Pharma is not just a pharmaceutical manufacturer; we are a vital contributor to the global healthcare landscape, dedicated to delivering products that enhance patient care and treatment outcomes. Our comprehensive approach, from advanced manufacturing and strict quality control to extensive distribution and innovative R&D, exemplifies our unwavering commitment to excellence.
In summary, Medisal Pharma is a beacon of pharmaceutical innovation and quality. Our extensive 9,000 sq ft facility, equipped with modern manufacturing lines, QC labs, and distribution networks, along with our commitment to R&D and patient safety, positions us as a leader in the healthcare sector, tirelessly working to improve the quality of life for individuals around the globe.
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